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We believe that people need an environment where they feel valued in order to grow and for their work to bear fruit. That’s why we diligently work to maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and honesty.


At Searchink we follow an innovative management concept called holacracy. Holacracy, as opposed to traditional hierarchy structures, spreads the authority usually reserved for executives and managers among all employees. This is why a sense of initiative is a crucial element of our work ethic.


Since we all spend a lot of time at work, we want to make it as pleasant and fun as possible. We believe in mutual kindness and understanding, and reflect it in our day-to-day communication.

Why Searchink?

Self-Initiative & Freedom

We value self-initiative and our employees’ opinions. Your input will be always encouraged, regardless of your position or job title. At Searchink you are guaranteed creative freedom and space to breathe


Even though we value hard work and diligence, we know how important work-life balance is. That’s why at Searchink, you won’t need to worry about working around the clock or being disturbed in your private time. Your leisure is respected.


In our work, we are always finding new challenges to take on. And even if we encounter obstacles on the way that initially seem insurmountable, we always overcome them as a team. So if you want a job that will bring you satisfaction and a feeling of purpose, look no further.